How to get 220% more leads without increasing your Budget?

List Building..!

The first word, which come in every mind if you start thinking your online business set up or expand, here, you gonna aware about proven  strategies that will actually help you out to get more hot leads with buying intent of users without spending an extra cost on your Ads– Doesn’t matter what the business you are in.

We’ll  unfold the ground-breaking stuff that you can implement in your business and see results  in 30 days or less.

We can bet on it, if you imply that what we are going to unfold,  you will definitely see a major growth in your leads.

It’s simply the extraction of what we have achieved today just by imply these advanced but simple tacts which could let you leave with your increased hot leads count.

Yes.. Hot Leads, Means leads  with buying intent of the prospects or lead prospects are looking or researching on some options subject to their  persuasiveness & pain-points.


In this Report,


We gonna show you how an interior design company, which is one of our client,  just got drastically decreased its cost per lead to $3.4 from $14.67 by adopting this simple technique.


The company simply comprises of  14 expert professional architects & designers who are seeking out the prospects in form of leads who are looking to renovate or create their office/commercial/home spaces in their location of Texas/california/Baltimore respectively.


They were suffering from the heavy cost per lead receiving, as its a source of their business & ofcourse, not any one of you want to bear such high expenses on getting leads, Right!


Here, what we did in 3 weeks, summarizing you the overall workflow which could let down the cost of leads of my client or you can say increase in lead count by 220% in the same budget in a month.


So, You have a good enough amount of budget got ready to pour in to the ad campaigns simply with a target of getting a specific number of traffic.. I would say Targeted Traffic to your landing page so that you could get relevant hot leads that gives you revenue at the end of the day.


But even after Approaching Target audiences, most of the people couldn’t able to get the expected leads & due to  some of the major problems which are mentioned below:


Increase in cost of Ads due to high competition leading to decrease in lead counts in the same budget,


Limited budget won’t letting you allow  to reach maximum possible audiences

Increased cost per lead usually exceeds to your revenue per lead


Here’ we gonna tell you some of the major Strategies that how this Interior Refurbishment company able to get appx 220% leads in the same budget by taking down its cost per lead t0 3.4% from 14.67%.


Trust the words, you can just imply them on your business & see the big differences.


A corporate interior design website, showcasing its all corporate/home/commercial interior design services on its portal.

As to start with we approach the targeted audiences i.e. the corporate person who might lookafter to renovate or to build offices, senior profile persons, businessmen, professionals, who might need to refurbish their home/commercial space in near future.  & also derived the relevant keywords for our services i.e. ‘office fit-out companies’, ‘commercial interior designers’, ‘home space design’ & many more relevant keywords which could pull out the people who are searching for the relevant term.


We approached that audiences on Facebook & google  with a daily budget of $500 per day,


Here’s the Ad we created to approach our audiences  of home/office & commercial.


We used the funnels as usually the big marketers used to do, i.e. re-marketed to the users who visited on site via this ads & at the end of the week, our cost per lead was $14.67

But that was not up to the mark result we expected, Now here’s the time, we have to move on to refine the content as per the visitors nature , preferences & their behaviour.

We further break the ads into 3 categories i.e. Office interiors, home interiors & commercial interiors, distributed the campaign budget as per the utility.

Here’s the interest specific ad which was remarketed to those visitors who shown interest in Office design interiors & Home interiors ( the 2nd One)


So, that has changed,


Ad are segregated with content personalisation as per the interest of visitors as per their visits.


See how a Smart Pop-up could convert my 748 previous visitors into 182 leads.


Now, our Cost per lead stand on $3.4


As per the recent Adlucent research, People often crave a personalized advertising experience and that appx 71% of respondents prefer ads tailored to interests and shopping habits.

We focused on


Personalised treatment to our audiences

Your defined target audiences doesn’t require the same treatment once they land on your defined landing page, Means you cannot get the most out of it if you equally treat all of your audiences & talk to them the same thing.

Our latest changes which we have recently done with our client will give you more clarity on this & you will amaze to see the results after doing such changes.


Early birds Opportunity:  Let’s make feel your audience something privileged & valued thing is missing out, simply create a sense of urgency & be honest with the offer.


You can get more leads by creating attention by showing sense of urgency among your audiences

For example: Show them a banner like we did for our client of interior design services :


We are launching exclusive new office design themes soon & giving 25% discount to first 100 subscribers’

if you want this just enroll here to be in early bird list.


Creating sense of urgency among your target audience would prompt them to share their personas with you.


A/b Testing : No one is the perfect in the market; everyone in the market, even the expert legends do the frequent experiment with their ads or content,

You can increase your lead counts by doing effective A/B testing on the basis of Various parameters & could draw the conclusion of what sort of action need to be taken.


Simply, we create two campaign with two different audiences & run the ad for few days, at the end of the day, select the best performing audiences to continue further.


Focus on Influential Factors: You Can simply grab the attention of your targeted audiences by showing them Limited Hot Deals, creating Scarcity of product.


i.e. something is gonna be expired by midnight, It creates a scarcity among your audiences, eventually it will prompt your audience to take the immediate action, no matter when they required that particular stuff.


For example, you can show an ad of Flat 30% on a Footwear  to those who left page on Add to cart or while checkout of a particular product till midnight only,  no matter when they would require , no matter their purchase intent behind the product or not, but this scarcity factor will definitely trigger them to take an action.


Divert audience s who didn’t respond:  An Average marketer is happy with the 10% conversion rate but, if you really ask me, i won’t,  what would i do with those 90% users who have came across my landing page or website, they might purchase or give me a lead, but it seems they dont require it as of now, also those 90 % audiences who didn’t give you lead or purchase, is adding an extra cost of ad, right!

So what i recommend you to show them personalised Ads of similar products not the same, ( should be relevant) & adding a more or similar value to their business or interest.

Once you succeed to take them on different funnel, all you need to do is to show them different personalised mails/pop-ups.


For example: if you are running an ecommerce portal & showing your Online Fashion lover  audiences a Leather jackets, 10% went inside your funnel, they purchased it & sign-up for offers & newsletters & rest  90% bounced back due to any reason,


All you need to show them a Message or Ads of something different Product offers i.e Leather shoes or Jeans.


These are the content personalised techniques which will help you boost your leads count within your set budget.


So next time while approaching your target audiences, do always remembers on content personalised techniques if you really would like to get more leads within your estimated budget.


See you soon!


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