Re-Target Your Facebook Lead Ads without using any Tracking Code

Previously,  we shared with you how to create your own brand new email list of hot potential clients/customers who have shown interest in your Product or services even you don’t have your own website or such a tricky landing page for that.


Here you see, How to create Facebook Lead Ads  Step by Step

Now You can get the unlimited amount of super responsive  leads on demand via facebook leads Ads.

Now, the method is completely changed, Your audiences want a glimpse of services with immediate call to action on it.

Here’s the perfect example of Facebook Lead Ads where you can build your Email-List you no longer need to invest in programmers or web developers to create your opt-in pages and landing pages.

Here you see the Lead Ad Form which prompt your audience to immediate fill-in, A smart auto filled Pop-up is appeared when a prospect come to your Ad by attracted to your catchy headlline & click on the Call to action button which you decide.

Above mentioned image the Call to action button is ‘Get Quote’, this can be placed as per your product requirement

Here you see the lead ad response  where it depicts 86 leads collected with 38495 reach (Ad reached to Unique Visitors on Facebook news feed ) & 82632 Impressions (Total times your ad appeared on Facebook  news feed),

& Further need to know how many of those who shown interest to this ad & clicked on Lead Form Call to action button, but didn’t sign up to your offer, Here you see:

Go to the above mentioned metrics column & select Performance, a Drop down will appear & then select Performance & Clicks,

A new metric table will appear (which you can customise &  set according to your choice),

A “Link Clicks” Column you see & if you scroll to right you can get to know the CPC(Cost to Link-Clicks), which depicts the Cost per link clicks.

Usually these metrics are useful to measure the cost per lead acquisitions to your campaign, which you can further drag it down by optimising it effectively.


Now, Here you can Re- Target your audiences who clicked on your CTA button but didn’t sign up

Here you see the easy steps through which you can not only Re-target your audience but also drag down your cost per lead acquisition.


Step 1    Change the Target Approach: Re-targeting Content

These are the audiences who shown interest in your offer but due to any reason they didn’t sign-up.

Either you are offering your audience a Free-Download, E-book, A Service offer or any thing.


Now, it’s time to offer to those audiences something more relevant or valuable offer which they can easily relate with their problem as a better solution,

If you are already doing it & even then audience didn’t take action after sign up, you can change your approach angle,

You can use ‘Scarcity Angle’, such as

“This Offer Ends in 2 days,”

“First 100 sign-ups get 20% Discount”


Step 2  Create Re-target Audience

Go to your Ads manager >> Select ‘Audiences’ Click on it


Click on ‘Create Audience, ’A New Drop Down will appear, Click on Custom Audience,

Click on Engagement

Then Click on Lead Form Tab,


Now on next page,

You customise the previous visitors according to your preferences, You see the Drop down menu “Anyone who opened this form”,

or can also choose

‘Anyone who opened but didn’t submit the form’


‘Anyone who opened & submit the form’


Or Type in the Days since your audiences visited & clicked on your Ad, maximum you can target your audiences for last 90 days


Simply Name your audience to identify the audience while setting up re-targeting ads later on & click on Create audience.

Now Your Re-Targeting audience is created,


For example, we set up a Re-target audience with the name of ‘REM-NEW’

Here it shows  the possible number of audiences who clicked on Form but didn’t sign up,

Step 3  Create Your Campaign

Now, in this campaign, your objective of the campaign is subject to your Ad content &  preferences, either it could be ‘Conversion, Traffic or a Lead ad campaign,’

Whatever suits most in rer-target campaign just select the objective &  proceed further,


Let us know if you have any problem or need any assistance while setting up Facebook Campaign, we will help you setting up the campaign from scratch to advance level.


You can Duplicate  your existing campaign & change the text with image & change the Audience to your newly created audience. Here you see  we successfully placed the Created Audience ‘REM-NEW’ to our newly created campaign

Below you see the Estimated daily reach to this audiences.


‘Publish’ the Ad,

Congratulations, you have successfully created Re-targeting Lead Ad campaign,

But before creating retargeting Lead ads, Again i am reminding you to focus on your Re-target approach, it affects & prompt your audiences to take the action again & complete the sign up process.As i mentioned above in Step 1,

It’s very easy & effective method of creating re-targeting  lead ads without embedding any code.


Download this Free Guide to Re-Target Facebook Leads Ads for your Reference.


Best Regards & All the best


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